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Harvey Woods is a blockcain company that specializes in energy, financing, and real-estate.
Harvey Woods
Distributed Autonomous Organization
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Did You Know?

Clients can generate SolarCoin from solar energy free of cost.

Identify Earnings

Determine how much SolarCoin your renewable energy system can generate. 

Explore Options

Customize your registration with industry leading products and services.  

Generate Value

Securely connect your system to the SolarCoin Blockchain.

What is SolarCoin?

SolarCoin (SLR) is a Digital Asset that rewards solar energy generation. Similar to Bitcoin, SolarCoin uses blockchain technology to deliver value globally. Anyone can receive SolarCoin by simply submitting their energy facility to Harvey Woods.


Global Reward

SolarCoin claims are granted at no additional cost to the owner.

Industry Accepted

SolarCoin is actively traded on the top blockchain exchanges.

Easily Exchanged

SolarCoin can be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and US Dollars.

Industrial Scalability.

The SolarCoin Foundation, in conjunction with Space Belt, features the first space-based currency transaction network, payment facility, and multi-billion dollar off-planet treasury; with SolarCoin transaction nodes securely circling planet earth in Space Belt's orbital network.


Registration Process

Harvey Woods makes registering your energy assets easy; simply submit your energy system to our team and we take care of the rest.

Step 1: Submit Claim

Utility bill is submitted to Harvey Woods.

Step 2: Verify Production

Utility data is verified by Harvey Woods.

Step 3: Connect System 

Utility system is registered to SolarCoin.

Register Your System

Choose Your System





Harvey Woods delivers cutting-edge technologies to energy clients globally.

Meet the team that is building the future of energy, today.

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